BEESWAX WRAPS | A Natural, Reusable Alternative to Plastic Wrap

About Us

Mad Wraps are a reusable plastic wrap alternative that come with a warm fuzzy feeling every time you use them. Lovingly created by hand and branded with our logo drawn by my daughter Billie. We hope you get as much joy using them as we do in making them. 

Handmade with 100% cotton, locally sourced beeswax, organic jojoba oil and pine resin at Warburton in Victoria's Upper Yarra Valley, Mad Wraps will keep your food fresher without the nasties found in plastic and you will be doing your bit to reduce the use of plastics that are having a detrimental effect on our planet. Mad Wraps are of premium quality which is gained from using a thicker cotton which holds more of the ingredients the cotton is infused with making them more durable and an easier to adherence to whatever it is you may be wrapping them with. 

For use on all fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, wraps and cheese blocks. The list is endless. Sick of your avocado going brown....? Well be sick no more! Fresh avocado's will last at least 5 days in a Mad Wrap. 



Simply wipe down using a cloth that has a touch of mild dish soap and hang to dry. 

Keep away from heat. 

Not recommended for direct contact with meat.

Wraps can be rejuvenated by placing on an oven tray and putting out in the sun and will last over 12 months depending on use and care. 

There are 4 sizes available. Small: 15cm x 15cm, Medium: 23cm x 23cm, Large: 30cm by 30cm & Extra Large: 36cm x 36cm. They are patiently cut by hand so sizes may vary slightly from time to time.

Click on the fabric you like and select the appropriate size.  

10% discount on orders over $25

Flat rate tracked postage $8.50 in Australia - Posts within 3-5 business days 

Custom orders are available via email enquiry.


​Mad Wraps are packaged in certified compostable, unbleached and chlorine free parchment baking paper that can be reused as well as recycled.